Photographer / Food Stylist with strong food and beverage portfolio for a series of B2C images
DPC Studio Account: Greensbury Market
Candidates should have some food styling experience and have enough fails behind them on the food front. Expert lighting skills and lighting knowledge required (as food image capture is a very niche art).
Below are examples of the photography portfolios we're reviewing and the caliber of results we're looking to produce.
The Greensbury product catalog consists of a wide array of food items, with organic properties and consistencies that will need special attention to lighting for each product. 
We want this look and feel for our whole 55 SKU product catalog. Same tone and quality:
We expect the shoot to last many days and to have a wide array of lighting scenarios. Historically, as an example, raw chicken has been very challenging to capture because it looks so much less appealing raw than other items like beef and fish. The "blob" of chicken in it's raw state may require a new approach or exploration on-set while still retaining it's consistency within the product catalog. Detailed lighting specs would need to addressed. A style guide will be developed to include how vegetables and other table items should be included in the composition.
We are looking to build a consistent product image catalog for 2018 similar to the example below on the Williams-Sonoma website, where 12 of our products are currently featured and photographed. 
Specifications/Requirements - as of 11/29/17:
*Modifications expected after further development.
Set of 55 - 58 Product catalog images
(1) Main overhead angle (exactly like Williams Sonoma example)
     • For web product pages 
     • Full critical focus of the entire product required for zoom in features
     • Depth of field deep so users see full product
     • Consistent for all 55+ products

(3-5) Alternate close-up angles 
     • For web product pages (secondary images within the same environment)

(3-5) Multiple close-up angles 
     • Shallow and deep depths of field (explore)
     • Style guide established for layout properties
            - How veggies and organics used in composition
            - Consistent kitchen environment
            - How utensils, plate and other key items are composed
     • (6-8) Product Group "packages"
            - For web promos (Black Friday packages, Chef Scott packages, etc...)
Proposal Stage:
Seeking interest from local photographers with food and beverage experience to help develop the details of the proposal further, including detailed lighting specifications and requirements for specific food types (ie, equipment and lighting game plan for beef, lamb, chicken, salmon, shellfish, etc..)
Production Timeline:
February or March of 2018 (T.B.D.)
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